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 The Man Who Traveled

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PostSubject: The Man Who Traveled   Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:26 pm

Part 1-
In a world where no one lived, besides one block figure man. He traveled the world, cutting trees into wood planks. He then turned some planks into a workbench. He walked miles trying to find a nice place to make a shelter before night. After a long walk he found a place in the cliffs. He set down a workbench and crafted 8 sticks, then made a wood pickaxe. He dug into the cliff to get some rock and bits of coal in the cliff. With the wood he got from trees he made a door and made a entrance so monsters can't get in from the night just arriving. He made a system of tunnels mainly so he had more cobblestone. He found 4 diamonds and 25 iron. After being in the tunnel 4 nights had past and he was just leaving while the sun came up. He took his materials and workbench on an adventure to find a real home... 

Part 2-
He continued his journey to find a new place to settle down. He found a flat area to start, he made a castle... With 4 big towers and a 20 long wall. It went 18 blocks high. He spent much of his day and night working on the wall. After the tower and walls where done he made a floor. On top he had a farm that could have 10 things planted at a time. He also had a storage unit to put things in, and a furnace and workbench aside of the chests. He found 2 string right near his castle in the morning and he made a fishing pole. On top of the castle he could cast the fishing line out into the ocean and get some fish. His daily schedule was fish, and monster slay. He had found diamonds in a mine near by the castle. He had found 30 total diamonds. He made diamond armor and a diamond sword, he used the extra diamond for making new armor every time it broke, same with the sword. Nothing more to it, but what he does now...
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The Man Who Traveled
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