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 Clarifying the situation I was in.

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PostSubject: Clarifying the situation I was in.   Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:12 pm

Just to let everyone know, I did not hack fire, glowstone, and glowstone dust. I took them when a hacker, who's name I can not recall, dropped them. I was banned because the mods didn't like it that i saw the flaw in the way they handle hackers or members that broke rules, or in my case, someone that had items they didn't like me to have.

Basically, it works like this: someone reports someone else on the forums, the mod in the server then deletes every item in your inventory at the time, and looks around your house looking for the items. However, they could achieve the same results without creating a situation worse. If they approach the user and say they need to look around for illegal items, then the user can save his items in a chest. This way, if they do have the illegal items on them, then they are cornered, since they can't save the items in the chest, or risk getting found out. Then, the mod can delete the users inventory, resulting in any hacked items in being deleted. The mod could stop the player from doing anything else with items, including in disabling item throw and item placement, much like how guest work. Then a chest could be placed in front of the two users, and the player can deposit his items into the chest without loosing them. The mod then can delete the inventory, and then proceed to look around the users home for the items in question.

However, the mods felt that a human and respectable measure wasn't needed, and deleted a full stack and a half of diamonds, many iron and stone tools, and the seeds I was going to plant with in my garden from my inventory. They where then unresponsive for several minutes, and proceeded to check every chest for the items I acquired from the hacker. I threw them all down a lava pit, due to a request from my friends I was working with earlier this day.

I do not question the reasons for a unquestioning attitude from hacker or hacking related issues. I question the response from those feelings of anger, worry, and anticipation with a indifference response. It is unwise to act on such feelings and on the moment of passion, because rational thought is subdued at the time. I understand this, however a continues series of the same attitude, and the indifference from the feelings of the users that play on the sever does provoke a feeling of frustration and annoyance from me.

Anything hacker related must be dealt with. but there is as better way. Anger breads anger, and the anger toward me makes me angry against the response of the mod. If you treat others around you with respect, you can gain support for your causes, and might gain a few friends in the long run. And just because people have an indifference to issues other people have, doesn't mean the situation is contained. If you're in a bad mood, it spreads to those around you, and will cause those people to act in a disorderly way. Same is true in MineCraft.

As a mod, you have a given set of rights over others, like a captain of a ship. But a captain is only as good as his crew. You disregarded what I was feeling at the time, a lack of due process which caused undo distress onto me. The lack of care on the modships side is what is driving me to writing this reply. This is less as an appeal for removal of ban, although the time and energy to my super garden is causing a low for me, as more of a appeal to your common sense, and your humanity. I know you meant not any wrong doings, but this is not the way to handle issues with users. I have not the power, but if you did what you did to me to someone else that had knowledge to destroy what you've created, the EpicCraft server, then that would be a problem. This is not a threat, but a warning of possible and potential danger to you and those using the server to lose what they have created, for any user that plays MineCraft is attached to what the create, no doubt. You should treat others as one would like others to treat yourself.
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Clarifying the situation I was in.
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